Packing: 54 of 91 (and introducing Agatha)

As I sit here and sort through the things Chris brings me, it occurs to me that we are making good progress toward the packing project.  It is really frustrating to not be able to just get up and take care of things, but earlier in the week when I got up to work through a bin (without lifting heavy stuff), my body responded with a resounding “Oh, no you don’t!”  And so I’m relegated to sitting on my bed and working on what Chris brings me and being the mastermind of the pack from here.

I keep my hands busy, crocheting a
blanket I’d like to finish before we leave while Chris does the heavy lifting.

So, how is the sort going?

We’ve gone through 54 of the 91 spaces I outlined as “ours” and I’m feeling like we’re on track, dare I say, a bit ahead of schedule*.

*Schedule being the intuited result of the real life word problem of:

If Chris and Anndee have 13 days to sort and pack minus three days, give or take, for appointments, goodbyes, church and other non-anticipated time blocks, minus the time it takes to coax all the stuff that’s going back to the States in 8-14 suitcases, how long do they have to identify what should be in those suitcases?

So, based on the official answer of “Um…about eight days, but who really knows?,” I feel more or less on track…I think.

(It is occurring to me that writing my thoughts at midnight might be clearer to my own psyche than that of the reader….)

Chris and the girls started the monumental task of sorting through their things today.  I think it went really well. This is important to me because I want them to feel generally positive about the whole “you can only keep what mom’s willing to allow space for in the suitcases” scenario.  It’s a fine line between valuing what they value and being unwilling to cart junky kid trash to another continent.  I don’t use the term “trash” here lightly.  One of my amazing children sees the potential in EVERYTHING and wants to keep it ALL.  The other one sees that same potential, but has been through this process enough times (old enough to remember it) now to clarify her decision-making a bit.  I’d say we’re about 2/3 of the way through the kids’ room.

I’ve received so many messages from friends who are praying.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it and how much it means to me, to my very core, to know that you are interceding for us.  Thank you.

On another thank you for praying note, our Pastors, Junior and Jaci, safely welcomed their healthy baby daughter Agatha into the world yesterday!  We are all SO excited!


Here she is with Tia Rachel, Tia Brooke and Tia Ashley.

Summary of Statistics:

Days Left in Argentina – 10

The Big Sort – 59.3% complete (approximately)

Girls’ room – 2/3 sorted

Blanket   1/3 complete

So, as we wind down for the evening, I’ll put another couple of rows in this blanket and head to bed soon.  (Well…to sleep soon.)