2 Weeks from Right Now!

Two weeks from right now, we’ll be on a plane headed for “home”.  I put “home” in quotes, not as disrespect or lack of love for the home I grew up in.  I love my hometown and my family, church family and friends.  I put the quotes as a reminder to me…and my heart…that it’s not a simple homecoming.  It’s a home-leaving, too.  I’ve tried (more successfully in some places than others) to help my heart and my girls to understand that when we are where God has sent us, we are also home.  So, now, my heart has to adjust to leaving this home in just two weeks.

As much as I need to work through the emotions of all this, it really will have to wait.  The logistics of us preparing to leave in two weeks will have to take precedence.  So, how does one take apart a live built over a year and a half in two weeks?  With a plan!  (I LOVE making plans!)

Here’s what ours looks like right now:

1 of 91!

I’ve broken down the different areas that need to be sorted through and packed and there are 91 (as of now…we keep thinking of more as we begin to work).

So, yesterday in the midst of making doctor’s appointments, three and a half hours of meetings, working out some things with the airlines and caring for our sick girl (J was having tummy trouble all day and night, but seems to be on the mend), we kicked things off and have gone through our first “box” on the list.  So you can picture it, each drawer, shelf, trunk, space is a “box” on my chart.

And so it has begun!