Sorting Through a Life That Never Happened

Today was an interesting day.  If you haven’t read about my family’s change in plans, you can get the whole scoop here.  The short version is that we are not staying in Quito, Ecuador as planned and prepared for.  A week ago today we accepted a new assignment as Cluster Coordinators in Cordoba, Argentina (in addition to our Short Term Missions responsibilities).  We are privileged to be able to serve this great team of church planters.  As you read the rest of this post, please remember that I’m totally at peace and happy to go where God leads.

One of the effects of this change is that we have to decide what to do with all the things we had stored at our friends’ house for our move to Quito.  These wonderful friends graciously lent us half their garage since February.  Half a garage filled with furniture and kitchen supplies, bedding and blankets, homeschool supplies and toys, Christmas presents only played with a few short weeks before being put into storage and more.


Yes, it’s all just things, things that can be replaced, things we can live without.  But it’s more than that.  Half a garage full of boxes and bags represents months of planning and preparing to be in Quito for the long haul (or at least a few years).  It represents hours of planning the best use of suitcases coming down to South America,

Now half a garage will be reduced to less than a dozen suitcases.

It hurts.

It hurts when God calls an audible and moves you into a new position and you have to let go of your own plans in order to say “yes”.

You know what else?  It’s totally worth it.

I write the words above as a reminder to you and to me.  It’s always been worth it to give up what I had planned for what God had planned.  He has always blown. my. mind.

He has always been faithful to replace how I imagined things with something better than I could have imagined.

So, today we peeled off a big layer of things that don’t matter. (I only cried once today, but I made it count.) Tomorrow we pick up with facing the reality that most of the “hope it fits” things won’t make it as I start to wrestle my expectations into suitcases.  It’ll be okay.  Nobody will die.  I’ll probably cry again.

But as we sort through a life that never happened, we’ll try to figure out which things will enrich the life that will happen, trusting God has great things ahead of us all.

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